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Jeanine works as a private coach and teaching artist to assist both children and adults to follow their passion. To coordinate a coaching or class, please email me.

       Current Program Offerings


Audition Techniques

Bak and Dreyfoos High School Prep Classes

Thespians Individual Event Coaching

College Audition Coaching and Technique

Interview and Public Speaking Preparation

Small and Large Group Drama Classes

One on One Monologue Coaching

Directing Plays for Middle and High School


Jeanine is a professional actress, and currently holds a valid professional Florida Teaching License in             Drama 6-12, as well as a Masters of Science in Educational Theatre from City College in New York. She formerly taught acting at G-Star School of the Arts, Lake Worth High School, Showtime, the Kravis Center,  and La Guardia High School of the Arts in New York City. She has also published her article "Your Best Shot" in a four page spread in Dramatics Magazine. The article covers the work of her thesis on how to gain entrance to the most competitive theatre college programs in the nation. 

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